She's Magnificent

"He who separates himself seeks his own desire; he rebels against all Wisdom."

It is Wisdom who really separates; the easy "truth" does nothing but to set one "free" to follow his own desire and remain enslaved. Being of the world which the individual has desired, "religion" might never be perceived as the temptation it actually is; when he's already fallen and can't humbly admit a reason to look for the Truth that makes one really rise up, conformity and self-deception are a natural consequential behavior to expect from him or her. With no room for doubt, faith is left out and self-sanctity and self-righteousness come in to play their role in all the ego pleasing quest, which, for many, is enough.

Faith without the work, search for Truth, is dead: nothing is built, no real separation from the world and no real unity is attained. How could one forsake all he wants without doubting what he wants and believing there is more to want? There is more to desire than pleasing the ego, and for those who keep believing, I face all fear the quarrelers try to spread; for those who hope against all hope, I fight. I'm talking about his offspring. So, don't falsely hope against all Hope, enemies; if you don't want to be defeated, start caring about interpreting Her more than getting and protecting "fame", "power", "wealth".

Be afraid of All; for He helps the real rebel who seeks the love of Rock.

You may now sing your song, self-mighty...

"It's self-right
We've come to nought"

She's omnipotent.

(Se, pois, a Verdade vos libertar...)